Indie Interview

Last week, a group of fabulous indie authors who call themselves The Indelibles celebrated Independence Day by interviewing various authors on their blog. I had the great honor of being interviewed by the fantastical Megg Jensen. Yeah! We talked about my new novel, a little bit about what my writing process is, some of my…



Since Wish I Could Have Said Goodbye is out there in the world, Carmella D’Agostino has become very real to people and her story has sparked so many questions from readers wanting to know more about her — and me. Is she real? Is she me? Is she someone I know or did I make…

Celebrate Writers

Random Acts of Kindness Week

Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisis are two writers who came up with an awesome idea. Since the industry is experiencing a bit of turmoil, they figured it would be great to spread some good, positive vibes around the cyberspace world. So this week, writers are reaching out to fellow writers, to thank them for their…

Closed Hearts

Spreading the Word

One of the most exciting aspects of being an author is meeting fellow authors and sharing their passion with people I’m connected to. I’m very excited to say I’ll be blogging about young adult books quite regularly here, in hopes of giving a huge shout out to everyone about these fantastic authors and the stories…



I’m thrilled to announce in about six weeks, my debut novel Wish I Could Have Said Goodbye will be released. I’m excited, terrified and elated. Did I say I was excited? Seriously, I’m totally thrilled to begin my career as a novelist. It’s a mind-blowing dream come true, something I knew I wanted to do since…